Changing Our Tomorrow

Pre-consumer waste control - Amplifi Changing Our Tomorrow

Pre-consumer waste control

We’re committed to reducing waste and offcuts throughout the pre-consumer phase by working closely with our suppliers on new production techniques, and implementing smart design. We also strive to recycle and safely dispose of any waste that we can’t avoid.

Bio Alternatives - Amplifi Changing Our Tomorrow

Bio Alternatives

Our search for safer, renewable and natural alternatives for adhesives, fabrics, polymers, components and packaging is ongoing. We are striving to maximize the use of these emerging technologies to lessen the impact of our products on the environment. Miharo 6+, for example, already includes coconut fiber in place of fossil fuel-based yarn.

Repair Service - Amplifi Changing Our Tomorrow

Repair Service

If your bag or any other AMPLIFI product is ever damaged, we will try and repair it for you. Better your product bears some battle scars than is thrown away as trash.

Reducing Airmiles - Amplifi Changing Our Tomorrow

Reducing Airmiles

We’re making big efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, and a great way to start is by reducing the amount of airmiles that we undertake as a company. This extends to implementing greener alternatives for all of our logistics such as trains e.g.

Worker Welfare - Amplifi Changing Our Tomorrow

Worker Welfare

We work directly with our factory heads to ensure that employees are cared for and treated fairly. We believe in our social responsibility to the skilled employees that cut, sew, bind and c‍reate our products. All our factory partners comply with multiple international standards stipulated by non-profit organizations such the Fair Wear Foundation.

Supporting Local Education - Amplifi Changing Our Tomorrow

Supporting Local Education

We at AMPLIFI support Helping Orphans Worldwide (HOW), a non-profit organization committed to providing hope, health, and security to abused, abandoned, and neglected people living in deprived areas of the world. Specifically, we support the Ready 2 Learn project: This program supplies children in need with the educational supplies necessary to succeed.

Design For Sustainability

Buckles bluesign® approved - Amplifi Design For Sustainability

Buckles bluesign® approved

bluesign® is a system that provides safer and more sustainable environments for people to work in and everyone to live in.
bluesign® changes the environmental impact of textiles for good. As a solution provider and knowledge broker, bluesign® acts as an independent verifier to secure trust and transparency alongside the production chain.

YKK zippers conform to OEKO-TEX® standard - Amplifi Design For Sustainability

YKK zippers conform to OEKO-TEX® standard

YKK is the leading zipper manufacturer world-wide, aiming for world-class performance in terms of design, functionality and consideration for the environment.
STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is one of the world's best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances. It stands for customer confidence and high product safety.

DWR (Durable Water Repellency) - Amplifi Design For Sustainability

DWR (Durable Water Repellency)

Current technology means that DWR uses non-degradable, toxic chemicals. AMPLIFI products already exclude harmful PVC, PFOS and PFOA chemicals, but we are committed to a PFC-free future and will continue to improve towards our goal by 2022.

PFC Free - Amplifi Design For Sustainability

PFC Free

While we transition our DWR materials, some of our products are already entirely PFC free! We are proud of these flagship products, and are determined to push this across our entire range as soon as we can.

Recycled Fabric - Amplifi Design For Sustainability

Recycled Fabric

We at AMPLIFI are already using fabric and plastic parts that has been developed using clear plastic water bottles, or PET as a raw material. PET is the name of the resin used to make light, transparent bottles for drinks, juices, soap and etc. Recycling waste and removing harmful objects from nature in one swoop! We are already aiming to utilise materials that exceed the Global Recycling Standard made from pre- and post-consumer waste in all upcoming products.


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