Slope Pack Sandstorm

The Slope is a super-lightweight, all-mountain backpack for busting out moves or hanging out with friends.

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The Slope is a super-lightweight, all-mountain backpack for busting out moves or hanging out with friends. It rocks the all AMPLIFI features such as a ski/snowboard carry system, avalanche gear compartments, insulated shoulder strap and a goggle pouch. The generous 18L volume can be cinched down to reduce the swing weight and keep your ride smooth.


Primary Material: 90% Nylon, 10% Polyester

- High-Performance Accessories:
The High-Performance Accessories that enhance our designs are provided by quality suppliers like YKK Plastics, ITW Nexus and WOOJIN Plastics. Most parts are made from recycled materials.

- Hypalon:
Hypalon is chlorosulfonated polyethylene (CSPE) synthetic rubber. It’s a tearproof, abrasion-resistant, temperature-stable material built to withstand maximum force and wear.

- Neoprene:
Neoprene is a foamed material made ​​from synthetic rubber. It has excellent thermal insulating properties and is flexible over a massive temperature range.

- Nylon (Polyamide):
Nylon (Polyamide) is durable, lightweight and is used in our performance bags. The ripstop version is even more tear- and abrasion-resistant. PU coating makes it extremely water-repellent.

- Waterproof Zippers:
Waterproof Zippers have a PU coating on the reverse side to keep your gear safe and dry.

Tech Talk

- 3D Panels:
3D Panels are thermoformed from EVA and elastane. They are lightweight and comfortable on long hikes or super-steep runs in any weather.


- Height: 49 cm
- Width: 27 cm
- Depth: 13 cm
- Volume: 18 l




- Snow

Hydration Compartment

Our Hydration Compartments fit hydration bladders by most major brands.

Signal Whistle

The integrated Signal Whistle in the sternum belt is a way for you to call for help if you’re in trouble.

Goggle Pocket

The Goggle Pocket is a specially lined, easy-access, safe stash for your shades or goggles.

Ice Axe Loop

The Ice Axe Loop is a durable, secure method of storing an essential tool.

Auto-Compression Hip Belt

The Auto-Compression Hip Belt lets you cinch in tight and has a 3-point articulating design for extra comfort.

Avalanche Equipment Storage

Avalanche Equipment Storage gives you generous volume for backcountry expeditions.

Custom-Mold Zipper-Pullers

Custom-Mold Zipper-Pullers are super-stretchy and make it easy to put on and take off gear no matter what the conditions.

Hip Belt Pocket

The Hip Belt Pocket is a great stash for loose change, your cellphone and other small items.

Insulated Shoulder Strap

The Insulated Shoulder Strap houses your hydration tube to stop it freezing in cold weather.

Key Clip

The Key Clip keeps your keys high and handy - no more digging around the bottom of your bag!

Multifunction Loops

Multifunction Loops can take absolutely anything from poles to shovel handles.

Ski Carry System (A-Frame)

The Ski Carry System (A-Frame) is a convenient, comfortable way to carry your skis on tours.

Snowshoe Carry System

The Snow Shoe Carry System gives you a place to stash your snowshoes once you find your line.

Snowboard Carry System

The Snowboard Carry System is an easy way to get your board around on anything from long hikes out of bounds to the stroll from your car to the lift.

Care Instructions

Do not wash the backpack in the washing machine as abrasion wears out the material (PU coating) and will in the long run damage the pack. Also, detergents are often not washed out properly. This could lead to skin irritation for sensitive skin types. A chemical reaction of sweat, detergent and UV rays further damages the material. It is better to place the backpack in a tub or shower filled with water and wash with ph-neutral soap. Dirt and stains can be easily cleaned with a soft brush. Salt stains on the carrying system can be removed by simply washing with soap and plenty of water. Make sure to always store the pack in a dry place

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