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Team riders summer

Sandra Rübesam - Amplifi Team riders summer

Sandra Rübesam

The Thundercaat

Sandra is a true tearaway who has been kicking ass and taking names since she first got on a bike. Fearless, fast, and with a can-do attitude that puts other riders to shame, Sandra kicked it up a notch recently. She became German Downhill Champion in 2015, which she defended in 2016 and we expect much more in the years to come from this feisty Bavarian bombshell.

Guido Tschugg - Amplifi Team riders summer

Guido Tschugg

All mountain legend

Guido has been at the top of his game for so long it defies belief. A true legend of the European MTB game, Guido is still charging the hill, as well as shaping bike parks AND helping AMPLIFI with testing and product development! A Renaissance Man if there ever was one.

RONNY–RACING - Amplifi Team riders summer


Mountainbike Nomads

Ronny-Racing stands for anything but racing. They are two guys who live their lives a little different than others. Traveling all year in their old ambulance Sputnik, riding bikes or other things at the most beatiful places and having a really good time and a lot of fun and providing us with the finest video and photos.

Kellys Factory Team - Amplifi Team riders summer

Kellys Factory Team

Always on top of their ride

One of the goals of the slovakian Kellys Factory Team is to always stay on top of their ride. The five team riders Rastislav Baránek, Oskar Masaryk, Ľuboš Staňo, Jozef Ondič und Petr Folvarčný are guzzling kilometers towards better results and new technologies. That's why they ride with AMPLIFI gear.

Bayeride - Amplifi Team riders summer


Pure Bavarian Shred

“Bayeride” is an art word. It connects Bavaria („BAYErn“ in German) with the English word „to RIDE“. A group of 4 (or so!) Bavarian  guys who love to shred and visit new spots with their bikes, the Bayeride crew are a perfect fit for AMPLIFI – pushing their own limits, creating awesome video clips and having fun.  Whether shredding downhill or killing it in Enduro – these guys ride harder, faster and with more bravery than anyone we’ve seen – with huge smiles on their faces!

Bayern DML Team - Amplifi Team riders summer

Bayern DML Team

The Bayern DML team is a group of guys who share their passion for biking. Lucas (20), David (19) and Marco (17) live in Bavaria and since 2013 they are taking part at several downhill races all over Germany and Austria together. The combined training on the trails in Lenggries or Oberammergau pays off: David was able to convince at the german championship last season and won the men's hobby class. Marco was also very successful and secured the victory in the overall evaluation of the German Downhill Cup.

Alex Rudeau - Amplifi Team riders summer

Alex Rudeau

Fresh French Enduro Vibes

Alex has been sitting on a bike since... well, almost forever. He started competing with only six years and has ever since. He won in bike trial 20'' championships and in the 2016 and 2017 world championship with the french team. Since 2018 he spents pretty much all of his time on his enduro. Succesfully. If he's not riding, he's teaching others since he's also a bike instructor.

Laura Charles - Amplifi Team riders summer

Laura Charles

Back on the bike

One year without biking. That was more than enough for Laura Charles. After not continuing her xc career, Laura had to get back on a bike pretty soon. Why not try enduro for a change? Well, she really liked it and her results speak for themselves: French champion 2018 and some top 10 results in the enduro world series. 

Klaus Beige - Amplifi Team riders summer

Klaus Beige

The Beast From The East

Born in the "Iron City" of Eisenhüttenstadt in Eastern Germany, Klaus has the toughness to match his birthplace. Competing in downhill, mountain cross and BMX since 2001, Klaus is now hitting races every week, and gaining an army of hard won fans throughout the world.

Team riders winter

Sebi Geiger - Amplifi Team riders summer

Sebi Geiger

Hometown Hero

When you love endless winter and deep powder, this is a name you should remember. The 25-year old freeskier from Oberstdorf competed in the German national team till last season. Then he decided it is time for a change. He wants to do more of what makes him happy - going away from competitions to pure fun out there. 

Niek  Van Der Velden  - Amplifi Team riders summer

Niek Van Der Velden

flying Dutchman

Our young gun Niek Van ‍Der Velden is a highly talented Big Air and Slopestyle rider. He is an outstanding representative of that amazing generation of young riders who already have an incredible trick repertoire at a really young age. Though only 16, Niek has already won multiple Slopestyle European Cups, was winner of the Laax Rookie Fest in 2016 and came in 7th and 8th place at the Junior Big Air and Slopestyle World Championships. To top it all off, he took part in the 20th Superpark Invitational at Mammoth Mountain this May!

Mario Wanger - Amplifi Team riders summer

Mario Wanger

Super Mario

Our boy Mario “Fegler” Wanger hails from beautiful Mayrhofen-Zillertal in the heart of the Austrian Tirol. Whether he’s in the park, getting faceshots in the backcountry pow or hucking huge kickers – Mario does it all with immaculate style. Mario spends his winters globetrotting the world – from Mt. Baker to Hokkaido, but loves nothing more than shredding with his friends and having fun in the Tirol! In his own words: “Stay true, and have as much fun as you can!”

Samo Jaros - Amplifi Team riders summer

Samo Jaros

Winter Lover

Samo is not only a talented Slovak snowboarder, he also make a name for itself worldwide. In winter you can meet him in the european mountains and in summer he likes to spend his time in New Zealand. His biggest goal is to participate in the Olympic games... and guess what season is his favorite? 100% winter, is his answer!


Ana Rumiha - Amplifi Team riders summer

Ana Rumiha

Vegan Shredder

Starting out as a skater in Zagreb, Ana had all the skills she needed when she discovered snowboarding, whether shredding open fields or endless rails. Check her insane edits on the awesome “Lipstick” series of videos, focussing on hard riding female riders… Right now Ana’s killing it in the winter, travelling the world as a member of the elite Nitro team, and spending her summers training her ass off getting ready for next year’s sessions.

Urška Pribošič - Amplifi Team riders summer

Urška Pribošič

Slovenian Siren

Urška has been riding since she was ten years old, and has been pushing the envelope of progressive women's riding since she first stepped on a board. As a member of the awesome "Lipstick" video team, her wicked sense of humour - and take-no-prisoners style have pushed her to the forefront of the sport. Despite her hardcore dedication to training and travelling to shred, her philosophy remains simple: "Have fun."

DJ John Doe - Amplifi Team riders summer

DJ John Doe

Noise Terrorist

When we're looking to kick the season off in style with a big jamboree we do the following: Check the snow report, book the club, and call DJ John Doe. From hip hop to death metal, rockabilly to screamo - John Doe mashes it all up seamlessly. One second you're hopping around to Johnny Cash, the next you're slamdancing on the bar to Motörhead - and you won't even know how you got there! Check out his regular events around Europe, with his crew The Baywatch Soundsystem.


Slava "Casper" Zinovev

Russian Ripper

Casper is a child of the Ural Mountains in Russia, and as a kid rode the tiny ski resort near his home, never dreaming that one day he'd be travelling the world with his board.... Now he's doing just that! You'll often hear him singing his favourite songs while hucking and jibbing - high on life, and his love of snowboarding.

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