Quality Production

We’ve been in the business since 2009, but before this – every member of our team has had extensive experience in working with high quality suppliers , and we know what to look for when building products that are technically perfect AND are built to the highest standards. We also strive to ensure that all employees  and shop-floor workers are treated ethically and fairly.

We are continually looking for the best new materials from far and wide, and our quality assurance measures are second to none. AMPLIFI are committed to finding better and greener methods of production, reducing waste and energy consumption and innovating through sustainable materials and production methods. We hope to reduce the environmental impact on this precious world of ours, reducing climate change – which has become ever more apparent with gradually depleting glaciers on our beautiful mountains.

Welcome at e-shop-direct.com – the official online-shop for AMPLIFI. All merchandise ordered from this shop will be purchased from Arendicom GmbH.

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